Riding safety reinforced among ADEC Innovations motorists

Riding safety reinforced among ADEC Innovations motorists Photo

November 26, 2019, Manila—Raising awareness on rider safety is one of the top priorities for ADEC Innovations’ Safety and Security Office, as a significant number of the company’s employees are riders.

Part of the office’s efforts to promote safe driving among their employees was a comprehensive Safety Riding Seminar, conducted in partnership with Yamaha Motors Philippines.

During the seminar, chief instructor Neil Hindang reviewed the most basic driving courtesies and discussed the most common driving misconceptions while drawing experiences from the personal experiences of ADEC Innovations employees.

According to Hindang, it’s essential to refresh the basics of safety riding. The growing number of motorcycle riders in the country has exponentially increased the risk of motorcycle accidents.

“It is our objective to avoid road accidents by informing both riders and passengers,” Hindang added.

The Land and Transportation Office reports that there are over seven million registered motorcycles in the country. The same report shows that motorcycle accidents are now the ninth leading cause of death among Filipinos.

For Safety and Security Office Head Richard Dayuta, seminars like this are vital to raising awareness on the most pressing safety issues among employees.    

“We expect to offer this program to a broader audience down the road, with extending it to the families of our employees as a starting point.”

The company has been relentlessly promoting a safe working environment. Just recently, it has conducted a comprehensive seminar on bomb awareness, which was led by the country’s leading expert on the matter.