AMDATEX Continues to Raise Standards

AMDATEX Continues to Raise Standards Photo

Manila, Philippines (September 2016) – American Data Exchange (AMDATEX) continues to raise standards of excellence in procedures, policies and services. This year, AMDATEX will undergo its yearly inspection for ISO certification in November and December with the help of TUV Rhineland, an international provider of technical, safety and certification services based in Cologne, Germany.

As ADEC Innovations' member company specializing in business process management, AMDATEX ensures that it remains on the leading edge of data management innovation and providing quality service to its clients by meeting the highest industry standards. These efforts include undergoing rigorous annual inspections and certifications under such international guidelines as EMS ISO 14001 for environmental management systems, ISMS ISO 27001 for information management systems and QMS ISO 9001 for quality management systems.

The certifications under these international guidelines recognize the company’s achievements and efforts in ensuring environmental impact, information security, customer satisfaction and continual improvement as its key priorities.

Environmental, information and quality management systems are essential for ensuring AMDATEX’s positive impact on employees and customers alike, as well as on the community and the environment. They provide frameworks for policies and measures that achieve excellence in business process management and data services as well as sustainable development.

ADEC Innovations is an impact investing company that designs and delivers a diverse data management and technology portfolio. AMDATEX leverages ADEC Innovations' considerable resources to develop and provide customized outsourcing solutions that help organizations streamline their processes so they can focus on their core strengths and competencies.