Legal Data Solutions

Legal Data Solutions

AMDATEX brings its 20 years of experience and resources in data management services to legal data solutions.

AMDATEX specializes in legal data needs where speed and accuracy are essential.

We utilize fast, reliable and high-quality transcriptions services built on:

  • Experienced transcriptionists highly trained in court reporting that requires quality, integrity and professionalism

  • A streamlined audio transcription process with global capabilities

High Level of Data Accuracy and Security

AMDATEX knows that accuracy and security are paramount in legal data. AMDATEX protects and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the information through:

  • A Quality Control System that eliminates errors and maintains accuracy levels for analog recordings and digital files

  • A secure environment in which to do all processing

  • State-of-the-art Data Service Applications with time-tested, fail-safe systems to prevent leakage from storage to retrieval

Quick, Cost-effective, High-quality and Flexible

Accuracy and security come with every AMDATEX service. Its processing systems and infrastructure support a global pool of transcribers that deliver transcribed legal data with excellent turnaround times.

AMDATEX rates are competitive and transcripts are subjected to frequent quality control checks.

AMDATEX utilizes a number of transcription formats but can vary the style to meet requirements.


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