Document Scanning

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Document Scanning

AMDATEX has extensive experience and range of solutions for document scanning.

Bulk Document Scanning

Using a vast array of specialist scanning systems from world-class manufacturers, AMDATEX delivers speed, value and quality in digitizing physical documents.

Our facilities scan thousands of images a day. You can be assured of the best care and turnaround times in the capture of critical data and the conversion of a significant archive.

We specialize in different formats and create digital copies in full color, gray scale or black and white.

We provide services across a large range of sectors.

Health & Medical Records

Digitization of patient records, allowing easy access and recovery for medical professionals in multiple locations


Enrollment and student files for educational institutions

Press, Media and Entertainment

Revenue streams from online access to archived material that previously existed only in physical formats

Local Government

Reputable and cost effective scanning services for a whole range of local government departments

Financial Services

Digitizing and indexing extensive records such as application forms, valuations, client files and certificates for compliance and storage


Every step of the donation management process is captured and documented as electronic data.


Rapidly scanning, capturing data and indexing documents such as POD, airway bills and other consignment documentation

Law Enforcement

Records such as child protection, firearms, custody and forensics are scanned and indexed to make sharing data between departments and organizations efficient

Aerospace & Engineering

Cost-effectively scan historical materials and documents on paper, film or aperture cards of varying sizes and formats

Large Format Scanning

Paper material larger than A3 is large format. This is common among plans, engineering drawings, newspapers or historic volumes.

Sophisticated scanning systems ensure that every detail is captured

Large format scanning up to A0+ and any colour or black and white material