Document Management Solutions

Document Management

Document Management Solutions

We know that effective management of data is important.

Every year, the amount of global data soars. This data represents a huge potential in competitive advantage. It remains, however, that an organization can possess tons of documents and data that are difficult to organize and access. For some, as much as 30 percent of the workday is spent searching for that vital information.

Organizations need effective ways of managing documents.

Save precious time and resources. AMDATEX's expertise in handling data and its document management professionals will help your organization get a reliable and cost-effective paperless office environment up and running. 


  • Document Management Business Process Solutions
    • Document Imaging
    • Document Indexing
      • Data Capture Conversion and Enhancement
      • Document Validation
      • Document Routing
      • Document Scanning
      • Document Pre paration
      • Batching       
      • Indexing
      • Imaging
  • Project Management Resources
    • Process Analysis
    • Electronic Document Formatting and Creations
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Customized Business Solutions
    • Customized Data Base Building
      • Business Card or Contact Scanning
      • Business Card Batching
      • Business Card Indexing
      • Rolodex Organization