Business Process Solutions


AMDATEX's Analytic Solutions allows your organization to plan for the future using the data  it already has and offering Management Science and Analytics to turn data into truly competitive assets.


Management Science

Management Science is the scientific approach to management. For AMDATEX, management science creates a competitive advantage in two ways:

  • Managers who understand management science are better trained and better equipped to manage than those who do not
  • Companies can understand how management science pushes the leading edge of management practice in many industries through optimization and simulation methods and use this knowledge to their advantage.

Analytics offers very distinct advantages for enterprises that recognize that there is significant value locked within their existing enterprise data. Enterprises can manage the present, but also increase the probability of future success.

  • Rapidly identify, evaluate, and pursue market opportunities.
  • Identify precisely what market to target, how to reach them, when to make contact and what messages should be communicated. 
  • Improve business processes, enhance decision making and gain the ability to direct, optimize, and automate decisions, on demand to meet defined business objectives.